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$6 Billion to Almost Worthless, Real Life EHI Export Experience, UI for AI

This newletter's change maker: Jason Kulatunga founder of Fasten Health. Who else is making an open source, personal FHIR data aggregator? Now with a Mac store app!

🪦The Digital Health Morgue

23andme. Once valued at 6 billion, now almost worthless.

🤖 New UI for AI

Ran across this AI clock that makes poems out of the time of day. Would be interesting if you could hook up to FHIR and make a physical health/wellness clock with some hook (doesn't have to be poem). Or not ... just a thought.


This is not new, but the Inspired EHR site is pretty cool. If you need UI inspiration in healthcare, check it out.

🤞 Real Life EHI Export Experience

Josh Mandel (yes, the FHIR godfather) recently detailed his experience with getting his medical records via the new EHI export from an Epic system. TL;DR: not smooth.

😇 Inspiration

“I was waiting for something extraordinary to happen, but as the years wasted on, nothing ever did unless I caused it.."

― Charles Bukowski

What you do matters. Thanks for reading. kevin.