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Innovation Sorted into Categories - Elion Health

elion.health - Innovation as Categories
Innovation Sorted into Categories - Elion Health
Screenshot of elion.health Sept 2023
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We are covering elion.health in Digital Health Discovery Club today.

It solves the problem of "What is available in [prior auth, EHR, value based care] space."

A lot of people have the problem of knowing what is even happening in the digital health space. I see this post on https://www.healthtechnerds.com/ about every 4 months or so

Usually there is a link to another slack convo a few months earlier such as to:

U.S. Healthtech Companies 2023
Companies Company name,Description,Funding ,Series Olive ,Provider of AI-based platform for administrative solutions Cityblock ,Provider of tech-heavy clinics for multiple healthcare solutions for patients,900M Lyra,Provides employee behavioral health management software solutions,915M Closer H…
The New Tech Stack for Virtual-First Care | Andreessen Horowitz
It’s Time to Heal is a special package about engineering the future of bio and healthcare. See more at: https://a16z.com/time-to-heal/. And for exclusive access to a downloadable version of this complete deck, sign up for the a16z Bio Newsletter here. After a record-breaking year for digital health,…

https://virtuals.substack.com/ (defunct)

https://www.digitalhealth.directory/ (defunct)

I made an attempt at this once, as did Matthew Holt from https://thehealthcareblog.com/ apparently.

Part of the reason I have the morgue is to (try to) keep track of failures in the space.

Why do people even care about a list of what is out there?

I think it has to do with sorting, comparing, and finding gaps.

Kinda like this Seth Godin episode about "The big sort"

The big sort (E) β€” Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin β€” Overcast

Problem is, there is a spectrum of digital health companies and they don't all fit nicely together. Think of Pluto, it is a planet or not?

For example, Transcarent is not there (as of Sept 27) ... but yet it has so much traction as evident by Gist and This week health

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 β€” Gist Healthcare Daily β€” Overcast
Today: The Digital Future of Healthcare: Unpacking the Transcarent Partnership with Top Health Systems. β€” This Week Health: News β€” Overcast

It's always harder to see what is not there, then what is there.

In any case, our rubric for our discovery club:

  1. How would you use Elion in your day to day? (Or maybe you wouldn't, that's interesting too.)

I don’t, but maybe it's not for me, that's cool.  

It is interesting to have an aggregate of companies.

Search the marketplace function is cool ... just type "data" or "EHR"

"One definition of love is someone giving you what you want before you know you want it." I am kinda lost on the site.

  1. Did you learn something unexpected by using Elion? If so, what?

I didn’t know ZapEHR existed

Headless EHRs seem to be a thing

Funding is a great resource

  1. What would make the Elion idea better?

I wonder if they added certifications like SOC II Type 2, that might help.

Workflow integrations

Current customers?

  1. How could you make Elion worse?


  1. My TL;DR

Don't get me wrong, it is super cool. I want to use more. It is not top of mind for me though. I'm sure they will hook a custom ChatGPT to their database and let people state the problem they are working on and piecemeal different vendors to fit.