"I have the next great idea for the next best medical app! Where do I start?"

"I have the next great idea for the next best medical app! Where do I start?"

Start by checking to see what others are doing ... if they have done it ... how they did it ...

Well, today we are going to look at three apps to see (probably) how they do it.

  • Growth Chart (old but good)
  • Wellsheet (on Epic's app store)
  • OneRecord (patient facing)

I made a sheet to help ...

Who is this for?

  • Providers (embedded in EHR)
  • Providers (standalone launch)
  • Patients (embedded in the patient portal)
  • Patients (standalone launch)
  • Patients (proxies)
  • Insurers, Researchers, Public Health, "Backend Access"

What change is it seeking to make?

How do you enroll a patient/user? How do you launch it when it is needed? How do you know who needs it?

  • System Event (ADT feed)
  • Provider Initiated (Embedded in the EHR)
  • Patient Initiated (Standalone Patient launch)
  • image
  • Employer-Patient Initiated (Employee benefit - ie Hinge Health)

USCDI Data from FHIR

Observation, Device, DocumentReference, Binary, AllergyIntolerance, Condition, Procedure, Patient, Immunization, MedicationRequest

Other Stuff / Data / Hosting / Measure the Change

  • Non USCDI - List / Appointment (Provider standalone)
  • Write backs (like a clinical document into the EHR)
  • Custom stuff on your AWS FHIRWorks, Azure, GCP, etc (see)
  • Analytics

Boston Children's Growth Chart

Iconic FHIR App



Analytics (minimal clicks, usage) - where to store this?


Making a dent in a complex healthcare world



Other Data

Non-USCDI List Resource (how to figure out patient in standalone launch)

Practice patterns (user → action mapping)

Length of Stay? extracts?

Tasks? Where to save these?


Just beautiful



Other Data

Appointments (non-USCDI)

Number of EHRs connected per user?

Long lived token - secrets to query from webapp

?business model

No right answers, but my key ... what are you going to put in the top row?

Deconstructing Medical Apps Worksheet - Key2.pdf72.2KB

If you are looking for code examples to get started, check out https://www.patient.dev/videos/