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Akin in the Morgue, MIMIC on FHIR, Paxlovid, Best Digital Health Job Board

This newletter's change maker: Adam Carewe who puts out the Efficiency Unlocked podcast. Recent great episode on "Double Agents" in healthcare with the chief information and digital officer of Emory. Also interesting thoughts on proving ROI.

🪦The Digital Health Morgue

Akin is winding down. The linkedin post from the founder has great content on what went wrong. "We succeeded in holding 112 pitch meetings over the last 3 years and raising $965k in VC/Angel funding."


The 60,000 de-identified dataset is getting ported to FHIR. Bottom of page has download for demo data that gives you FHIR resources as ndjson. I'm tempted to import into medplum. I haven't fully explored but I don't think the demo is all MIMIC data. Check out Brian Fung's video about MIMIC FHIR (and GPT).

🥼House of Medicine

NY Times explores: Why is paxlovid not being used that much? Probably multifactorial but one is interaction checking before it is prescribed. It is interesting that EHRs make you try to prescribe something and get proven wrong, instead of listing options for the clinical scenario and showing which might have drug interactions. Seems like a FHIR app or CDS hook waiting to happen.

👍 Best Job Place for Digital Health

I have my changedetection (like $2.50 a month to run at pikapods) pointed at https://health-tech-nerds-jobs.pallet.com/jobs. Healthtechnerds is cool, but costs money, viewing jobs is free. Some interesting stuff shows up there, including Mayo Platform.

😇 Inspiration

“We tend to take every precaution to safeguard our material possessions because we know what they cost. But at the same time we neglect things which are much more precious because they don't come with price tags attached: The real value of things like our eyesight or relationships or freedom can be hidden to us, because money is not changing hands."

― Peter Kaufman

What you do matters. Thanks for reading. kevin.