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Upselling to Non-Silicon Doctors, Two Digital Health Companies Fold, Hospital Violence

Scott Campbell is worth checking out on LinkedIn. Former ER doc @ Kaiser, he quite a few thought provoking LinkedIn posts about medical AI. "Interestingly, millions of physicians utilize and blindly trust technologies we cannot explain or fully understand "what's inside", every single day."

🪦The Digital Health Morgue

Olive AI is shutting down. Once valued at 4 billion and now sold for parts. Wow. The economic downturn and rapid expansion was a bad combo. "The rapid expansion strained Olive’s product and engineering resources, making it challenging to execute key initiatives."

🤖 Come For the AI, Get Upsold to the Non-Silicon Doctor

Docus.ai launched on Product Hunt (which was interesting as few medical products launch there). I'm not saying I would use it, but it is interesting. Reminds me of Kardia upselling EKG review. I wonder if that might be the way direct to consumer Silicon based health AI is monetized.

🪦 Kinsa Is Dead Too!

Kinsa died this week as well. I actually bought one of their thermometers years ago and lost it.

🥼House of Medicine

The NY Times had a very powerful opinion piece on violence in US hospitals. Unless you work in one, it's hard to believe that this violence is so commonplace.

That Last One Was Sad, But Some Inspiration ...

“Before you work harder on something, identify the leverage point. Working smarter is the most valuable form of working harder."

― Shane Parrish (FS)

What you do matters. Thanks for reading. kevin.