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Data Viz - Observable and Patient Facing FHIR

Data Viz - Observable and Patient Facing FHIR

To get Observable to work with FHIR you need ..

  • An observable and a fork of the app
  • The app registered - we will use Cerner’s sandbox

1st - Fork the Observable


This will give you a url you can register as your redirect url for the app

2nd - Register the url at Cerner

Cerner code Console

Log into code-console.cerner.com

Click Log in

Create a new App

Give it a name, make it a patient access app, online, public, and give it the url of your Observable notebook.

Use R4 APIs (they will be around longer than DSTU2)

Choose “Patient Product APIs” > AllergyIntolerance, Condition, DocRef, Encounter, MedRequest, Observation, Patient, ServiceRequest

Accept the Terms 🙂

You will be redirected to the App page. Find your app and get the client_id

Replace the “redirect_uri” and “client_id” mutables in your Observable Notebook and click the little play buttons

Now, find the “Sign In” button and click it.

Use nancysmart/Cerner01

Use Nancy Smart (not her proxies)

Click Allow Access

If you see some error, it is likely because it takes about 5-10 min for an app to percolate through and actually get registered. Try again in 5-10 min

Now enjoy the results!