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Interesting AI APIs for Healthcare (founder from 1uphealth)

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Historical / how FHIR started (hattip Aneesh Chopra)

🔥FHIR + GPT3: Generate Recipes for Patients Based on MedHx and Allergies
Build a Patient FHIR App For Epic™️ EHR To Let Patient’s Get Their Diabetes Results (HgA1C).
Observable and FHIR
"I have the next great idea for the next best medical app! Where do I start?"
Build an AI Patient Facing FHIR® App
Create a Note With DocRef!
Build a Vaccine Credentials App with SMART Cards in 20 Min 🔥📲💉
Meetup FHIR and images
Create a CDS Hooks Service in 10 mins

Who’s Like Me, GPT3?