Empowering Developers to be Healthcare's Heros


Learn to make an app to get your Covid Test Results

Patient Facing App Workshop


We can all be superheros in our family, friends, and loved one's healthcare by using our coding skills to create apps.


Quick Video Jumpstarts for Developers Learning FHIR

From Zero to App in 10 Minutes

Use your developer skills to change healthcare

  • Patients have a right to access their data via APIs

    Because of FHIR, you can make data driven apps for patients everywhere.

  • Laws and Regulations give patients direct access to their data.

    Learn about 21st Century Cures, HIPAA, the Office of Civil Rights, and more essential Health IT policy.

  • Learn the lingo

    Videos teach you how to talk “Developer Speak” as well as “Doctor Speak”

Learn the Lingo

FHIR, Cures Act, HIPAA, Hematocrit ... take a crash course.

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