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Make a Patient App in Epic®

{Build} an app that gets Hemoglobin A1C (HgA1C) results on behalf of a patient who goes to a health system that uses Epic®.

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build apps for the three main healthcare use cases



Learn to build apps for patients. Most health systems have APIs for patients to connect to their data that are FREE to use.



Learn to make apps for doctors, nurses, and others. These can be embedded within the EHR or outside the EHR.


B2B Integrations

Learn how to use system level access to connect to data for business to business use cases.

How did thEY (Probably) Make That FHIR® App?

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Pfizer or Moderna?  Which Covid Shot Did I Get?  Figure it out with SMART HEALTH IT SANDBOX

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Make an App for Patients to Get Their Covid PCR Results in Cerner®

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Cool App Spotlight

The Peer Health app reimagines the patient portal as a new feed to keep patients up to date during their ER or hospital visit. 

Peer Health

Meetup Group

Semi-monthly pre-coivd in person and post-covid virtual meetups about the usage and implication of all issues surrounding medical APIs such as FHIR.

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Make A FHIR Apps For Doctors in Cerner

From Zero to App in 10 Minutes